Teeth Whiteners: Safe for Oral Health?

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Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

December 18, 2017

Are Teeth Whiteners Good for You?

Over the past few years, teeth whitening has become less expensive and more accessible. Even though there are many teeth-whitening professionals in South Florida, many local residents choose over-the-counter products to whiten their teeth at home. Unfortunately, this $15 billion industry does not often emphasize the safety of the products.

If you are considering whitening your teeth, make sure you know all the crucial pieces of information before you jump in. You only get one set of teeth, so if you don’t properly care for them, the damage can be permanent.

How Whitening Works

Yellowing teeth is actually a part of aging, just like the graying of hair. However, some people have yellow teeth at a young age, and it can be a result of taking tetracycline early, hitting or falling on a tooth, fluorosis or too much fluoride, or Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI), which is a rare dental disorder that makes teeth brown or yellow.

Coffee, tea, and wine drinkers, as well as tobacco smokers, have yellow teeth due to staining, but the inner color of the teeth remains untouched.

There are two ways to whiten teeth:

  • Intrinsic Whitening

When the inner part of the tooth is whitened, soaking up the whitening gel, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide gel, this method is known as intrinsic. It lightens the inner tooth tissue and not the outer enamel that most people think bleaching does.

  • Extrinsic Whitening

The other type removes staining on the tooth enamel, such as those stains left behind by coffee and smoking. Teeth polish is used by whitening toothpaste, teeth cleaner or polisher, or a hygienist.

Which Is the Right Kind for You?

The better choice between the two will depend on whether your teeth are simply stained or are intrinsically yellow. If it is extrinsic discoloration, you can seek the help of professional teeth cleaning in West Palm Beach, Florida. Note that bleach will not work well in this situation.

Meanwhile, if it is intrinsic yellowing, you cannot lighten your teeth with any whitening toothpaste. Instead, you will need a bleaching gel held up against your teeth.

Is It Really Safe to Whiten Teeth?

When done properly, teeth whitening is generally safe and effective. With many professionals in Palm Beach, Florida, who are ready to help you, it is easy to achieve great results.

However, before you begin, it is recommended that you start with healthy teeth. If you have gum disease, cavities, gum recession, or exposed roots, whitening can cause more problems and pain. Plus, it may lead to wasted time and money because whitening may not be as effective on damaged teeth.

If you have dental implants, though, make sure that you talk to your oral surgeon or dentist first. Generally, dentists do not recommend teeth whitening after dental implants. They would ask initially if the teeth should be whitened to match the crown prior to the implant.

Additionally, whitening stained implant crowns will not work because the products are only effective on natural teeth. Any form of resin or crown restoration will not affect the shade. However, if the porcelain crown is stained because of tobacco, coffee, or other external factors, polishing may help remove discoloration.

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Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

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