Enjoy Our Tropical Discus Aquarium

We have installed a 560 Gallon Tropical Discus Aquarium for your enjoyment in our waiting room.

Our 560 live planted aquarium

As many office waiting rooms have a TV and magazine racks, we find our large 10 foot radius aquarium has a very calming effect and as a result it has become an integral part of our waiting room environment.

We hope that you enjoy it.

What Kinds Of Fish And Plants Are Inside?


We have various large Jack Wattley Discus, Cardinal Tetras, Rummy Nose Tetras, and Siamese Algae Eaters. We have Amazon Swords, Repends, Exotic Driftwood, and a soil and clay based substrate.


We Have A Live Stream Cam Coming Soon!



We will be featuring a live streaming video camera of the aquarium soon. Please stop by our website again for a live tour of the fish tank.