Cutting Edge 3D CT Scan Technology


Dr. Slavin is proud to offer his patients the most advanced, robotically-controlled 3D medical imaging technology in the world today with the brand new CareStream 9600.

Pushing the envelope for maxillofacial imaging technology, the CareStream 9600 allows Dr. Slavin to create a digital model of your unique surgical plan in order to ensure the most accurate dental implant placement for you.

This technology has allowed Dr. Slavin to maintain a success rate of 99.8% over the course of his career and he looks forward to offering you the same world-class dental implant care.

 The Importance Of 3D Dental Implant Imaging


Why are 3D scans (dental implant imaging) critical for successful dental implants?

Dental implants and three-dimensional (3D) imaging

As a patient, it is important to have three dimensional imaging if you are planning on having dental implants placed into your jaw bone.

Moreover, 3D imaging enables a predictable result and a less invasive procedure. There are critical structures in your jaw bone which can get damaged during your surgery. But with 3D imaging, we can see the details of your jaw bone and teeth prior to surgery and prepare the procedure and dental implants accordingly.


Video: Dr. Slavin Demonstrates The Importance Of Dental Implant Imaging

Please watch the Video for a visual demonstration of why 3d imaging is so important for anyone considering dental implants.

Finally, 3D imaging is painless and only takes a few minutes for the scan and we can interpret the results immediately and prepare your procedure accordingly.

3D imaging is a complementary part of all our dental implant procedures.

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