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The Finest All On Four Dental Implant System

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Learn The Importance Of Choosing The Right Dental Implant System From Dr. Andrew Slavin, DMD FACS

Details on the Straumann Pro Arch Dental Implant system are also summarized in the text below the video for your convenience.

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At The Good Samaritan Dental Implant Institute, we provide each patient with personalized dental implant care which includes using the Straumann Pro Arch dental implant system. Also, each patient receives a thorough diagnosis and consultation with Dr. Slavin personally. Our team will then take X-rays that Dr. Slavin will use to discuss treatment options with each patient. All of the options will be presented and discussed so the patient can make a personal decision on how to proceed.

After the patient comes into the office or hospital clinic, impressions are then made of the upper and lower jaw bone and a 3DCT scan is performed. This information from the scan is digitally transferred to the dental laboratory and using a 3D printing system, a surgical guide is created. This guide is used during the implant procedure to ensure a perfect fit.

Afterward, and for the life of the implant, we follow up with you annually to help you with any questions and to verify the longevity of the implant. A long-lasting relationship with you is part of our personalized dental implant care.

Made From Surgical Grade Titanium Alloy

Straumann Dental Implants use the same surgical grade titanium allow used in artificial joint replacements such as knees, hip, shoulder, and ankles. This material is the finest available for dental implants.

“Personalized Implant Care” means that Dr. Slavin only uses the absolute highest quality dental implants for his patients, a quality assurance backed by multiple peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. Titanium and its alloys have a proven track record as biomedical implants due to their excellent biocompatibility.
Furthermore, “Titanium zirconium alloys with 13%-17% zirconium (TiZr1317) have better mechanical attributes, such as increased elongation and the fatigue strength, than pure titanium.
The growth of osteoblasts, that are essential for osseointegration is not prevented by Titanium and Zirconium. Straumann developed Roxolid that fulfills requirements of dental implantologists and is 50% stronger than pure titanium.

Straumann is “Recognized as one of the leading providers of dental implants, more than 14 million Straumann implants have been sold to clinicians in over 70 countries. “

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