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I went in to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and I am very glad that I got it done here. The doctors and the staff are friendly, the place is state of the art, the procedure went fine with no problems whatsoever, and the choice of music (ABBA!) was always a nice touch. Thanks for everything!


Jan 9, 2017, Facebook

Our experience with Dr. Slavin and his staff was nothing less than wonderful. They are all very professional and the environment is very calming. Our teenage daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled and she became comfortable very quickly upon arriving for her appointment. Her father and I felt very confident with Dr. Slavin, we highly recommend him and his staff. 🙂

G. G.

Jan 31st, 2017, Facebook

Dr. Slavin and his staff are among the most careful and caring medical office I have ever experienced. Dr. Slavin is the best !!


Feb 16th, 2017, Facebook

Not only is the staff, kind, thoughtful and considerate, Dr. Slavin is as well. I had a cyst removed from my mandible, and I could barely feel when the IV line was inserted. Also, I never had to take any pain meds after the procedure. The office staff even provided my husband with a special comfy chair while he waited for me. I would recommend anyone needing this kind of procedure to make every effort to be seen by Dr. Slavin.


Feb 1st, 2017, Facebook

I love Dr. Slavin and all his staff!! ❤️ Ive had a great experience every time I’ve had to be treated. The staff are so accommodating are always so pleasant. They have always run on time. I’ve have had several different procedures over the last 5 years and would not go anywhere else. I would recommend to anyone who’s in the unfortunate position of needing oral surgery to see Dr. Slavin and with him you get 5 star service from his staff right there offering you warmed blankets and Martinellis Gold Medal Apple Juice.

L. H.

Feb-13-2017, Facebook

I cannot say enough about Dr. Slavin and his entire team, Unfortunately, being genetically predisposed to extensive dentistry with soft teeth and excessive grinding, I have seen Dr. Slavin for multiple extractions and extensive bone grafting. Each and every time everything has gone extremely well. The welcoming, calming atmosphere of the entire staff is second only to the confident, reassuring competence of Dr. Slavin himself. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I was able to become a patient of his and be able to benefit from all of his and his staff’s professionalism and expertise.

D. G.

2/25/2017, Google Review

He is the greatest jaw surgeon around.he did wonders with me after my accident and had me back up and looking great before my big wedding all i can ever say is thank you for saving me

C. F.

2/4/2017, Google Review

Dr Slavin, his assistant Robin, and his entire team of angels are truly outstanding. For a complicated and sedated dental procedure and extraction, it was a smooth and totally pain-free. They even asked me my choice of music to be playing in the operating room. Wonderful! Even though I didn’t hear it after the sedation kicked in, I know they did, and helped set the mood.
No infection, only one day of pain meds, and perfect healing. Dr Slavin was available to talk on the weekend when I had a question about my home care, and I received super followup. They are the best!


3/5/2017, Google Review

Dr Slavin and his staff are exceptional! I recently went in for consultation to see if I needed implants. Some oral surgeons may be quick to operate. Dr Slavin carefully explained my X-rays, gum and tooth status in laymen terms. And explained surgery was not necessary at this time. I trust Dr Slavin because he performed a very delicate and detailed surgery on my daughters gums where she had permanent teeth missing. She now has a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr Slavin and staff, , Kathy, Amanda, Joy, Robin, Mary, and Gwen!!

Yvonne S.

10/31/2016, Yelp Review

Wonderful and helpful staff. Great care before during and after the surgery. Would highly recommend using Dr. Slavin.

Tammy A.

1/12/2017, Yelp Review

Dr. Slavin and his staff are superb. My husband needed an emergency tooth extraction. The care, attention and professional approach were outstanding.

Barb J.

2/10/2017, Yelp Review

I hope I don’t have to go back for dental surgery BUT if I do, I will go to Dr. Slavin and his amazing staff no question. They get my highest recommendation. They made, what could have been a horrible experience for me, a very simple painless office visit.
Dr. Slavin and his staff are all very professional, polite, and make you feel comfortable and safe – at the dentist office. They are also some of the nicest people you’ll meet in WPB.

Brad S.

2/14/2017, Yelp Review

Did you ever give some thought why someone living in New York as I do would come to you for an implant? However, after extensive research I decided to have it done with you in Florida. Airline tickets, travel expenses and loss of time from work it was all well worth it after I met with you and your staff in Victor Ferris Medical Building in West Palm Beach. During the entire extensive procedure that involved extractions, I was always left with good appearance and full of confidence as to the outcome. The procedure was smooth and with minor discomfort or inconvenience. The only exception to this was one hurricane. Now that a year had passed, I must thank you and your staff for all that you have done and I hope to see you when I come down.

G. M. New York City, NY

April 5th, 2017

Dr. Andrew Slavin is the most precise, caring and gifted dental implant surgeon anywhere. The dental journey I’ve traveled from birth to implants was at times difficult. Imagine how wonderful it will be to chew your food properly, grab an apple, eat corn on the cob, you will be able to! If you want the very best give yourself permission to call him right now I promise you won’t regret it.

B. W. Palm Beach, FL

Dental implants, arthroscopic jaw surgery and extractions are not on anyone’s list of “Fun things to do today”, but having had all these procedures done by Dr. Slavin, I can personally attest to the skill and cool manner in which he operates…
His office is run with exceptional efficiency, cleanliness and professionalism by a phenomenal staff who are so kind and caring. Oral surgery made pleasant? As close as you’ll ever get!

N. T. Chicago, IL

I went to Dr. Slavin to have all three of my wisdom teeth pulled about two weeks ago. I was incredibly nervous about having the procedure done, but him and his staff were the absolute best! They’re extremely comforting and caring. They make you feel very at ease. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Slavin. You will not be disappointed. The healing process was very quick with minimal pain and I began eating solid foods the day I was sent home. Again, I highly recommend Dr. Slavin and his staff!


I was very nervous about having my procedure done but with Dr. Slavin’s calm yet confident approach I immediately felt at ease. His nurses were a huge support system for me with their positive and upbeat personalities. Very knowledgeable and kind. They truly make a great team and are always on top of it all! I am very grateful for the whole staff who made my procedure so much better and went above and beyond my expectations.

Mrs. G

I recently broke my jaw. Dr. Slavin and his staff have been
so nice. It has been 3 weeks since my accident. With the help
and professional medical care I have received , I am feeling better every day.
I should also mention, Dr. Slavin was first introduced to me when both my daughters were his patients. He did a wonderful job as their Oral Surgeon as well.


3/11/2017, Google Review

First, the “set” and ‘actors’ are out of central casting. Beautiful art and design coupled with a warm and friendly staff. The good doctor completed his impressive role after 11 years playing an oral surgeon on TV (always masterful at performing the most difficult of dental surgery with a steady hand and comforting manner).

R. P.

Dr. Slavin is an ace at his craft. I never felt a thing, and had no discomfort what so ever. And what’s more, I haven’t had ANY post op pain! None!

N. B. Palm Beach, FL

From the moment I entered Dr. Slavins office, my fears began to wash away with the soothing and beautiful fish aquarium, the big smiles and personal attention from the staff, the soft music playing in the background …and that was all before I even sat down in Doctor Slavin’s office so he could explain the procedure of a dental implant! His careful and precise explanation put my mind at ease and by the time I sat down in the dental chair, I was calm and reassured. Dr. Slavin and his surgical staff treated me gently and skillfully and I never felt any discomfort at all. I took only one advil that evening and was ready to resume normal activities within 24 hours. It is with the utmost confidence and highest regard that I recommend Dr. Slavin to anyone who requires dental implants. I traveled from Ohio to have the procedure done by Dr. Slavin because of his stellar reputation. I missed the sub zero weather and enjoyed my few days in the sunshine of Palm Beach, pain free, and relieved that I had made such a wise choice.

I sincerely appreciate the excellent care of Dr. Slavin and his extraordinary staff!

B. C. Akron, OH

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for me. It is a time when I remember all the wonderful, kind, caring, generous people who are and have been a part of my life. Each and everyone of you deserve to receive all you’ve given to others, like me. I wish I had something to give each one of you. Something special besides thank you! I am so grateful for all the support I have received in my time of need. I truly appreciate all you have done for me. Hoping our paths will cross again one day. Have a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. My thoughts will be with you and yours keeping you close in heart.

J.V . Boca Raton, FL

Who helped Jason with his dental surgery on 10/31. Just a note to thank you for the expert care of my son. I am very pleased with Jason’s new teeth. The surgical procedure was the most important part of this process. Thank you all, for taking such good care of Jason. You did a great job and Jason is smiling “big-time” now..

J.B. Hollywood, FL

 Dear Dr. Slavin I had an appointment with you on Friday regarding failing implants. From my initial phone call to the exam, I was made to feel comfortable and more importantly, HEARD. After the nightmare of what I was going through, and the resistance from the dentist who placed them…It was a welcome relief to feel some warmth and compassion.

…It is with sincere gratitude that I write this card. You truly live your “Care Philosophy!” Please extend thanks to Robin as well for a warm and nurturing bedside manner. Sincerely 


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