What Makes Us Different From Larger Dental Implant Providers

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Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

November 27, 2017

Some of the larger dental clinic-type practices out there include franchises such as Clear Choice, Aspen Dental, and Sage Dental. But please read on and learn what makes The Good Samaritan Dental Implant Institute and Dr. Andrew B. Slavin a unique dental implant physician:

Personalized Dental Implant Care

“Personalized Dental Implant Care” means that from the moment you first reach out to us to schedule your consultation, to when you first walk into our comfortable waiting room with our 550-gallon live planted aquarium and extensive magazine selection and are greeted by our compassionate & friendly staff, to meeting Dr. Slavin for the first time, and even when you leave following your procedure with a care package and friendly phone call to check on you the same evening from your surgical team, you know that your optimal dental health and well-being is our mission.

Following your procedure, you are provided with 24/7/365 access to Dr. Slavin’s personal cell phone should you ever have any questions or concerns. We proudly stand behind the quality, durability, and appearance of all of our dental implants and are pleased to offer all of our dental implant patients complementary annual follow up care appointments.

We take great pleasure in knowing the positive differences that our personalized care is able to make in the lives of our patients and are truly humbled by the hundreds of 5-star online reviews and testimonials that our patients continue to provide for us weekly.

Over 25 Years of Surgical Expertise

Having graduated from the prestigious Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Andrew B. Slavin went on to complete a rigorous residency program in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami in Miami, FL.

After completing his residency program in Miami, Dr. Slavin continued his advanced training in bone grafting, dental reconstruction, and dental implant technology at the world-renowned Branemark Institute in Sweden, before starting his practice in West Palm Beach, FL over 25 years ago.

The name “Good Samaritan Dental Implant Institute” derives from West Palm Beach’s Good Samaritan Medical Center, where Dr. Slavin serves as the Chief of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and continues to serve our Palm Beach County community by taking weekly ER trauma call both at Good Samaritan as well as at St. Mary’s Medical Center, a level one trauma center. Our office building is connected to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, providing all the resources of a busy community hospital just steps away from our practice.

Proudly Offering the Finest Dental Implant System in the World: Straumann Implants

Dr. Slavin is proud to exclusively offer his patients Straumann Dental Implants which he believes in his extensive dental implant experience to be the finest quality provider of dental implants in the world. Straumann Dental Implants are composed of a proprietary titanium zirconium alloy material, scientifically proven in peer-reviewed dental & medical journals to be 50% stronger than pure titanium.

In addition to the strength and durability offered by Straumann Implants, they have also proven to be favorable to encouraging bone growth, thus ensuring that your new dental implant fuses as effectively as possible with your jawbone.

Combining the superior technology of the Straumann Dental Implant System with Dr. Andrew Slavin’s personalized care and comprehensive bone grafting, oral surgery, and dental implant placement experience ensures the best possible outcomes for all of our patients!

Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

Andrew Slavin, DMD, FACS

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